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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

link the Xbox Media Center

with the Moi Plus streaming

box and its Tvheadend soft-

ware. The best part: This

add-on is already installed

by default, all you need to do

is go to System Settings of

the Xbox Media Center and

activate it. There is only one

little thing you need to know

and adhere to: The pre-set

IP address that the add-on

tries to access is,

so you need to first change

that to the IP address of the

Moi Plus streaming box. But

rest assured, this is not a big

deal at all and – thankfully

– the only manual interven-

tion that is required. What’s

more, the web server of the

box comes with a compre-

hensive and easy to under-

stand guide for setting up

the Moi Plus streaming box.

When you’re all done

and exit the Settings menu

you’ll be taken immediately

to the Live TV entry of the

main menu, and as soon as

you’re there the Xbox Media

Center begins to download

the channel list provided by

the Tvheadend software and

presents it on the screen. At

long last, the fun of watch-

ing TV starts. As a user,

you wouldn’t notice a dif-

ference from any old DVB

receiver you may have had

before. No matter whether

it’s info bar, language selec-

tion, EPG, subtitles, teletext

or PVR functionality – you’ll

find all of those features and

functions right where you

expect them to be. They

are very easy to use and

can be accessed from your

PC, laptop computer, tablet,

smartphone or from a dedi-

cated multimedia box. The

PVR function, in particular, is

a real treat: Since the stor-

age medium is connected to

the central Moi Plus stream-

ing box recordings can be

programmed and played

back from any client in the

network. And if your home

44. Configuration of the Tvheadend software on an Android


45. Channel list on an Android smartphone

46. Info bar with all control options on an Android smartphone

47. EPG view on an Android smartphone

48. Extended EPG information on an Android smartphone

49. TV control options on an Android smartphone

50. EPG overview of several channels on an Android smartphone