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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

twin-tuner reception card.

It does not make a differ-

ence whether the two chan-

nels are standard definition

or high definition, any com-

bination will work. Overall,

the built-in hardware com-

ponents can handle up to 22

standard-definition channels

and up to eight high-defini-

tion channels at any given


More often than not

streaming solutions come

with the drawback of long

channel switching times, but

we were delighted to find out

that the Moi Plus streaming

box is an exception to that

rule and does not take more

than one second until audio

and video of a newly selected

channel become available,

which is pretty good by com-

parison. Naturally, audio and

video quality are impeccable,

51. Using the Xbox Media

Center on an Android


52. TBS IPTV app for Android

53. Channel list of the TBS IPTV

app for Android

54. Live TV with the TBS IPTV

app on an Android smartphone

is served with high-speed

Internet access and you

set up your router accord-

ingly, you may even access

the Moi Plus streaming box

and the Tvheadend software

via the Internet from virtu-

ally any place on earth. We

should also mention at this

point that two different tran-

sponders or frequencies can

be watched live or recorded

simultaneously thanks to the