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Active 18.5 W 10.5 W 0.56






Thomas Haring

Test Center


TBS Tenow MOI+

Central Receiver for several TV




05-06/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


● TBS has managed to implement complex streaming technology

in an exemplary way.

● The Linux operating system offers enormous flexibility.

● Streaming can take place across the local network at home or

the Internet at large.

● PCI-e slot technology is compatible with almost all TBS recep-

tion cards.

● Extensive range of pre-installed software.

● Easy set-up via web interface.

● None

but you should expect this

result given that the signal is

distributed in its original dig-

ital form and therefore not

subject to outside influenc-

es. No matter whether you

use a smartphone, tablet, or

a 50-inch plasma display, the

quality you get will always be

perfect – or at least as good

as provided by the individual

channels in the first place.

In total, we found the Xbox

Media Center to be an excel-

lent match to the Moi Plus

streaming box. There is,

however, a small drop of bit-

terness involved: If you want

to use the Xbox Media Center

with an iOS device or the Ap-

ple TV this only works with

jailbroken devices. In other

words, you need to subject

the operating system to ma-

jor modifications which in

many cases cannot be un-

done after the fact. Unfortu-

nately, Apple has so far re-

fused to add the Xbox Media

Center to its App Store, so

this is why there is no other

way. Android users are a lit-

tle better off. While they are

not offered the app in Goog-

le Play Store either, at least

they can manually install the

Xbox Media Center without

having to interfere with their

operating system.

And then there might

be users who deliberately

choose not to install the Xbox

Media Center. If you have a

PC or Mac, there are some



such as the VLC media player

(available for download from

), which

can process the individual

program streams provided

by the Moi Plus streaming

box. The Tvheadend web in-

terface displays a dedicated

button next to each chan-

nel in the channel list, which

can be used for direct play-

back with VLC. Quite frankly,

though, this is not really a

convenient alternative. The

manufacturer’s in-house TBS

IPTV app for Android might

turn out to be a slightly bet-

ter option. It turns your An-

droid smartphone or tablet

into a streaming client and

while it worked as intended

during our test, it is a rather

bare-bone solution and does

not offer any added features

like EPG, language selec-

tion or PVR functionality. If

truth be told, the Xbox Media

Center is the best available

complement to the Moi Plus

streaming box.

Due to the open software

architecture of the Moi Plus

streaming box it is entirely

up to its users if and when

individual software compo-

nents are updated. And if

you don’t want to deal with

that aspect at all you can al-

ways visit the TBS website

from time to time, where the

manufacturer offers an up-

dated overall software pack-

age in regular intervals. Us-

ing it makes sure all relevant

software components are

kept up to date more or less

automatically. All you need is

a USB stick to which you can

first download the update file

and which then takes care

of all the rest as soon as the

Moi Plus streaming box is re-

stared after connecting the

USB stick to it. Easy and reli-

able – just the way we like it.