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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015


Hand-held Satellite Meter

Handy, Practical, Precise


Slim from Alpsat Elektronik is

a decidedly small and handy

satellite meter that only meas-

ures 18x10x4 cm and weighs

no more than 0.8 kg – and

that already includes the bat-

tery. All this makes it a perfect

companion for use even in the

trickiest of places.

Take it in your hand for the

first time and your eyes will

probably stay glued to the 3.5-

inch TFT high-resolution (960-

540px) colour display right

away. It is one of those rare

examples that provides excel-

lent readability even in direct

sunlight. Below the display the

manufacturer has placed a to-

tal of 12 buttons for operating

and controlling the SATFINDER

5 HD Slim. All of them come

with easy to grasp labelling

and some have more than a

single function depending on

the menu that is accessed.

The top side of the meter

features a satellite IF socket

for connecting the cable from

the reception system, as well

as a TRS socket that becomes

a fully-fledged AV interface

with the help of an adapter

cable. On the bottom side you

will find the 12V DC socket for

connecting the external power

unit/charger and a USB socket

that can be used to update

either the meter’s firmware

or the pre-installed satellite,


Extremely responsive meter

for evaluating up to four transponders


of this device, which is always

a good sign.

Let’s have a look now at

what’s inside this neat little

device. Alpsat has opted for

an 800 MHz processor that can

draw on 8 MB of cache and 512

MB of RAM. In total, the SAT-

FINDER 5 HD Slim boasts 5000

transponder entries, 8000 TV

and radio channels and 250

satellite entries.

When you call up the main

menu you’ll see that it con-

sists of two entries for basic

settings – one takes care of

all satellite-related settings,

while the other one deals with

all general settings. Those in-

clude the usual suspects, such

as OSD language. You can

choose between a wide list of

languages: English, Turkish,

German, Spanish, Russian,

French, Portuguese, Arabic,

Dutch, Italian, Greek and last-

ly Serbian. Further options are

the preferred unit for signal

level measurements and video


An option we particularly

appreciated was that the SAT-

FINDER 5 HD Slim can be set to

increase its LNB power supply

by one Volt, something that is

greatly beneficial with extreme

coax cable lengths because it

makes sure enough voltage

arrives at those remote LNBs.

Another solution worthy of

special mention are the three

available status menus that

can be accessed to find out

the current state of the RAM,

the remaining battery capacity

and the voltage supply to all

available components.

Not only does the SATFIND-

ER 5 HD Slim offer an exten-

sive pre-programmed channel

list, it also comes with excel-

lent satellite and transponder

entries that reflect the high

effort put in by the manufac-

turer. A total of 159 European,

American and Asian satellites

are available, complete with

transponder and channel lists.

The integrated battery

comes with a capacity of 2400

mAH and cannot be removed

from the meter. It makes sure


stays operational for up to

three hours before it needs to

be recharged. Once that be-

comes necessary it does not

take longer than two hours to

reach full capacity again for

mobile operation.

Alpsat Elektronik throws in

a 12V DV power pack for use

with the mains or a car pow-

er outlet, as well as a hugely

practical protective cover with

carrying strap and an F-type

angled plug that allows rotat-

ing the satellite IF input by 90

degrees. Of course the meter

is shipped with a user manual,

and in this case it comes with

helpful pictures and a useful

overall layout. Working with

this manual you won’t need to

be a pro for getting the knack