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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

13. Automatic satellite and

transponder detection

14. Multi-transponder view of

two transponders on two diffe-

rent satellites

15. Both DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1 are

supported for Auto DiSEqC

16. It only takes a few seconds

for Auto DiSEqC to correctly

identify all connected signal


17. Channel list with live TV

18. Selecting the desired satel-

lite for TV and radio reception

19. Editing the channel list

20. All satellite and transpon-

der entries can easily be edited

and new entries can be added

at any time

21. Editing a transponder entry

22. System settings

positions that are relatively far

away from the southernmost

reception spot of the antenna.

The best possible reception

level for both the horizontal

and vertical polarisations can

be achieved by rotating the

LNB around its axis. While do-

ing so, the SATFINDER 5 HD

Slim continually measures the

reception level of a frequency

with 13V and 18V LNB supply

voltage and indicates meas-

ured peaks for direct com-

parison. This way it is almost

child’s play to adjust cross-

polarisation for optimum re-


A constellation diagram

provides visual clues regard-

ing the received signal: The

closer together individual im-

age points are positioned and

the closer to the centre of the

diagram they are located, the

fewer errors the received sig-

nal has. Apart from the con-

stellation diagram itself, the

SATFINDER 5 HD Slim also

shows the C/N, BER and MER

values, which is a great fea-

ture that supports the visual

clues with hard facts.

One thing the SATFINDER 5

HD Slim is particularly good at

is its satellite transponder con-

trol measurements, for which

it offers two different modes:

One looks at four transponders

at a time, the other one checks

out eight transponders. All re-

ception parameters are pre-

sented both in a numeric and

a visual way, which helps tre-