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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015


App with iOS

8. After starting the App, the

user selects the desired Hub

9. The App then loads that

configuration and makes it

available on the Smartphone or

Tablet display

10. The Harmony App's

start screen with up to eight

command sequences

11. The Logitech Harmony

Smart Control can also be

configured through the App's

settings menu just like on the


12. Editing a device directly on

the Smartphone

13. While the App is active, the

Smartphone or Tablet screen

can be set to automatically dim

if it isn't used

14. The Auto-lock function of

the Smartphone or Tablet can

be turned off so that the App

can quickly be accessed again

15. Simply tap the touchscreen

and the App carries out a

sequence of commands

16. The remote control buttons

can be positioned any way you


17. You can switch between

different screens simply by

swiping across the screen

18. Thanks to gesture control,

many functions, such as

volume control, can be easily


19. Favorite channels overview

20. The App displays the

proper remote control

commands for each device that

it controls. All of the settings

can be individually setup for

each device

21. The buttons for a DVD


22. All gestures can be

individually set by the user

23. One or two fingers can be

used for gesture control

24. Just one tap of the

touchscreen turns off all of

the devices and places them in

Standby mode

database that contains in the

neighborhood of 250,000

devices from which you can

select the hardware that you

have. In our case, all of the

devices we tested, receiv-

ers, DVD/Blu-Ray players,

HiFi systems and TVs were

all recognized, as were an

Apple TV box and two gam-

ing consoles. Up to eight de-

vices can be simultaneously

addressed; this should be

enough for even the best-

equipped TV cabinets and

wall units. If there happens

to be a device that is not in

that extensive database or

if one or the other button

on the remote control is not

correctly imitated, the Log-

itech Hub can learn and store

those functions with the help

of the original remote con-