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05-06/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


trol. Once all of the available

devices are set up in the

Hub, the next step involves

creating the command se-

quences. If, for example,

you want to enjoy watching a

movie on a DVD, then the TV

would have to be turned on

and at the same time switch

over to the proper A/V input.

This task can be handled by

the Logitech Harmony Smart

Control. You merely need to

create the proper command

path, namely, TV on, DVD

player on, switch to correct

A/V input. More experienced

users can use this feature to

create more extensive com-

mand sequences. Here in

our test center we set up a

string of commands for each

receiver that goes so far as

to move our satellite dish an-

tenna on the roof. From now

on, all we need is the push

of a single button to not only

turn on the TV and receiver

automatically but to also

switch to the proper menu to

move the antenna where it

needs to be.

The App for the Logitech

Harmony Smart Control is

called „Harmony“ and is

available for free from both

the Android Google Play

store and the Apple iTunes

store. They support instal-

lation in both Smartphones

and Tablets in up to five de-

vices. It should be noted that

the App can work with multi-

ple Hubs at the same time so

that, for example, a Hub in

the kids room and a Hub in

the Livingroom can both be

controlled by the App inde-

pendently from each other.

As long as the App on the

Smartphone or Tablet is ac-

tive, it can be set to prevent

the screen from locking as

well as prevent the screen

for automatically shutting

off to save battery power.

Our measurements revealed

that an iPhone lost about

2-3% battery power every

hour with an open Harmony

App. For Android (we used a

Google Nexus 5) the battery

loss was about the same at


As soon as the App was

started and the desired Hub

was selected, all of the pre-

configured command se-

quences were available at

our fingertips. In our case

it was Watch Sat-TV, Watch

DVD/Blu-Ray, Move Satellite

Dish Control and Watch Ap-

ple TV. A quick push of one of

the buttons is all it takes for

it to turn on all of the corre-

sponding devices: it turned

the TV on and automatically

switched to the proper A/V

input. Right after that, the

App blends in the more criti-

cal remote control buttons

in a scrolling bar across the

bottom of the screen while

the rest of the remote con-

trol commands are distribut-

ed across multiple screens.

Thanks to the practi-

cal gesture control feature,

functions like volume con-

trol, channel switching or

fast-forward/rewind can be