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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

activated and controlled

with simple finger gestures

whereby all user gestures

can be freely assigned. The

remote control buttons can

also be individually posi-

tioned so that the ones you

use most often can all be

grouped together in a promi-

nent position. You can indi-

vidually adjust the position

and number of remote con-

trol buttons for each of the

controlled devices.

We also liked the Favorites

function that lets you display

up to 50 TV channels with

logo so that you can watch

your favorite channel with

just the push of one button.

The App gives you access to

yet another extensive pre-

programmed database of

international PayTV, cable,

DVB-T and satellite opera-


The Harmony App versions

for the Android and iOS op-

erating systems are visually

and functionally identical. Of

course, if you utilize a Tablet,

you get the added advantage

of a much larger display.

We definitely need to point

out that you can also use

the Logitech Harmony Smart

Control to operate Philips

Hue Lights. So, now you can

not only control all of your



ics but you can also set the

mood in your home theater

room by dimming the lights.

We had a lot of fun con-

trolling all of our entertain-

ment electronic devices here

in our test center using the

Logitech Harmony Smart

Control. The Smartphone/

Tablet App really impressed

us with its ability to person-

ally design the user inter-

face and set up the buttons

to your personal tastes.

The Hub itself works with

an outstanding IR receiver

such that a direct line-of-

sight view to the controlled

devices is not absolutely

necessary. If you happen to

have your receiver hidden

away in a locked cabinet,

you can always switch back

to the included IR receiver

that routes the commands

from the Hub via a cable into

the cabinet. The range of the

system is limited only by the

range of your local WiFi net-

work; unfortunately, though,

you can‘t as yet send remote

control commands through

the Internet.

Thanks to the extensive

database of preprogrammed

devices and the practical

learning function, the Log-

itech Harmony Smart Con-

trol can work with nearly

every available A/V device;

whether it‘s a DVD/Blu-Ray

player, a satellite receiver,

game console, HiFi system

or a media player. And it can

all be done without using a

classic remote control, you

simply use the Smartphone

App. The original remote

controls that came with all of

your electronic devices are

no longer needed.


App in Android

25. Selecting a desired Hub on

an Android Smartphone

26. Configuration download

from a Hub

27. Harmony App main menu

28. The remote control buttons

can be individually positioned

by the user

29. Gesture control via Android

30. Multiple gestures can

be associated with different

functions as desired

31. The App displays the

corresponding buttons for

each device it is to control