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This is by far the best handheld measuring
instrument for DVB-T, DVB-C and CATV I
have come across. Deviser has done an
excellent job!
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
— www.TELE-satellite.com
Excellent Meter
for Professionals in DVB-T,
DVB-C and CATV (analog TV)
Digital TV Signal Meter
We received the DS2400T in
a rather plain cardboard box
that featured the prominent
Deviser logo. Safely packed
inside was a good-looking
protective bag made of nylon
which can be used for stor-
ing the signal meter. There is
enough space for the device
itself and the power pack, and
the bag even sports an out-
side pocket on one side which
comes very handy for acces-
sories such as the measuring
cable or some socket adapt-
Together with the meter
and power pack you receive
a special cable for hooking up
the unit to a PC, as well as two
8cm mini CDs. One includes
the driver software for the
virtual serial interface that is
used by the meter to estab-
lish a connection with the PC,
while the second CD provides
a PDF file with an English-
language user manual and
the DS2400 Toolbox software
that is required to operate the
meter directly from the PC.
We’ll dig a little deeper with
regard to that option in a mo-
The signal meter is very
compact in size and thus sits
extremely comfortably in your
hand. With the light blue col-
our so typical of Deviser prod-
ucts it not only feels good, but
also looks rather unique. As
far as weight is concerned it is
ECHO measurement with the
new antenna.