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— 07-08/2013
the same signal. That‘s why
we tend to asses HUMAX
LNBs as equally good as our
reference in noise perfor-
To get a complete picture,
we measured all four outputs
of one of the quad devices
(LNB 142) to see if it matters
from which output you take
the signal. The graphs below
clearly show that all four out-
puts are identical in perfor-
mance as it should be with
high class LNBs.
After measuring the sin-
gle and quad versions we
moved on to the 6° mono-
block version model LNB
212. We did almost the same
measurements. We installed
the monoblock on our 85cm
offset dish and measured
the signal coming from the
central feedhorn located in
the dish‘s focus. Then, we
changed the mounting of the
monoblock so that the other
feedhorn was now in the cent-
er and repeated the meas-
urements. Since we had two
samples of the monoblock
LNBs we got four curves on
the graphs – for every single
feedhorn. As you can see on
the graphs, signal strength of
the LNB 212 was superb over
our reference. At least 2 dB
stronger and in some cases
even 6 dB stronger!
We continued with MER
measurements and to our
surprise, this time HUMAX
was not just at par with our
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